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Kalyani Publishers, established in 1963 saw the dawn of the day, which was the brain-child of Late Lala Sunder Das who started his professional career by establishing a bookshop in 1935 under the name and style of Lyall Book Depot at Lyallpur, now in Faisalabad (Pakistan). His vision was to provide variety of books to the students at an affordable price and to encourage the Indian authors to come out with their bests for international acclamation and recognition. This dynamic enterprise set up from scratch, is now having a gigantic growth spreading over 11 branches throughout the country with coverage from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. The Great Kalyani Empire is integrated through its head office at Ludhiana and administrative office at New Delhi.

The multi-faceted needs of the students in this world of hunger for knowledge is greatly addressed by the way of publication of qualitative text books in almost all fields of knowledge from humanities to science, from agriculture to veterinary, from commerce to business management, from diploma-degree courses to professional job-oriented technical courses. It has served the purpose of students in various boards, councils and universities throughout India with added coverage of ICSE, CBSE, State Regional Boards, etc. Language is not the bar to tie up Kalyani with students. It has stepped into the shoes of regional languages to conquer thousands of hearts intending to pursue their studies in regional languages.

With more than 3000 titles on the list today, Kalyani Publishers has been on the forefront to provide educational books based on the concerned syllabi. Kalyani's aims and objectives have always been to quench the academic thirst of the students, teachers and professionals and it has always been endeavoring to promote Indian authors both nationally and globally. It has a great team of eminent academicians all over the country picking them from premier educational institutions. The eminent team of experienced and well qualified authors is the strength of Kalyani Publishers , who are the source of its success today.

Committed to work for uplifting the noble cause of education and to provide books of excellence to the students Kalyani Publishers brings out every year new editions and new publications for the benefit of students and professionals. Bringing people and knowledge together is our core mission. Its continuous commitment and endeavour of publishing quality books and meeting the need from school level to higher academic level is evident from the quality of books being released every year.





Gunnar Myrdal

Edition : 1st, 1982
Rep. 2015

Pages : 2284

ISBN : 81-272-1864-2

Price : ₹ 1500.00

Kalyani Publishers, in its five decades journey becoming successful in fostering the following visions and marching ahead with the following missions :


  • To adopt an innovative, transparent and honest approach to book publishing.
  • To empower both the readers by broadening their horizon and authors by channelising their ideas and thoughts.
  • To be an effective partner in the growth of self and intellect of the individual and society.
  • To bear the responsibility for becoming a powerful agent of social change through quality publications.


  • To provide talented and aspiring authors a platform on which to develop and succeed.
  • To trigger thoughts and to provide the readers with a bright picture of onward march in life.
  • To constantly evaluate own activities to be at the best.
  • To be readers-friendly with a true value for money.
  • To maintain our goal to provide the reader with something new and beneficial with each publication.